Poisonous Birds // Gentle Earth

Cloud Level

We're flying cloud level, gentle earth, still.
We're flying cloud level, into blue.
We're flying cloud level.
Canopy, blinding hue.
Pitch down, underneath.
North easterly breeze.
Cold front.
Feeling leaves, freeze.
Drift into cooler climbs.
Come creeping cold and drier eyes.
Contrasting black & white.
Turbulent flow.
Brightness and dark.
Grotesque and art.
The devil and God.
Metres apart.

Old Sun

Old sun; mother.
Golden colour.
Leaves greener until it gets hotter.
Light bring life & terrible warmth.
Gosh, this weather is awfully strange.
Hide inside.
We'll wilt in this weather, until the thaw from the north.
Design new ways to consume.
Quarry deeper; I need more.
This season we're all going to drown in a little water.
Deluge, floundering, bodies strewn.
Emulsified through the pool.
Cramping lung & limb, breathe in.

I Understand But I Still Think You're Wrong

Slowly, we're fading.
I am drowned.
Fading further into the past.
I tried
to be softly.