Sometimes I think my light shines brighter than others but maybe that's just because it's right here next to my eyes

Poems by Giacomo

Death by kicking moving cars | Bad Sex | You can live in my mouth; I'll breath through my nose | here is a twitter thread about all the books i've been reading: | I'm happiest when I beat you (a love poem) | I tap tap you | You're my marshmallow

Death by kicking moving cars

Screams so loud in your head that your brain shatters.

Screams so loud in your head that it comes out your mouth.

Stopping cars by kicking them so hard that you shatter.

One endless scream in your head that is louder than all the screams from mouths trapped under stopped cars.

Shattered brains so sharp that open mouths bleed.

Screams that tear out your throat and teeth and shattered brain kicking into your gums.

A smile of blood and shattered brain that trap moving cars screaming inside your head.

Bad Sex

with people
you don't love
so it hurts
when you're
rejected by
the people

You can live in my mouth; I'll breathe through my nose

I have a tooth which is compacted and when I eat small food it gets trapped. Eating nuts ends in working at my gums with my tongue.

I sit in public spaces with my finger digging at the back of my mouth but the food has been crushed into the gap between my teeth and won't move.

Later when I'm not thinking I wash the nut away with coffee. The relief of the extra space in my mouth is like a sneeze.

The pleasure wont last and I start filling my mouth with popcorn, peanut butter or gravel from the street.

I dream about filling my mouth with the yellow foam filler that explodes out of plumbing and cracks in plaster board walls.

here is a twitter thread about all the books i've been reading:

i am 26 and i have been trained to feel more accomplished when i have notifications on my phone than when i do absolutely anything else.

i only seem to move places when my phone has red battery

and I can't find a plug.

i spend more time wanting strangers on the internet to love me than i spend time

doing anything that i'd include on my dating profile bio.

i go to cafes and buy coffee even though it tastes bad and the coffee at home tastes good and costs me less money,

just so I can sit quietly

and read my phone
with a book open on my lap
or on a table
or on a chair, face down.

when i am at home i sit on my phone too, with all my books closed in my bookcase and i text new friends about how i love to read.

when i am 27 i will still want strangers to love me through the internet

(vomiting their little white numbers with red balloons across my screen).

today a parcel arrived with a book from america

i hope the author retweets my photo.

I'm happiest when I beat you (a love poem)

When I asked to spit in your mouth you said I was disgusting so I kissed you to say sorry.

I used my tongue to push myself into you and licked the sharp chip in your tooth.

I spat in your mouth while you kissed me and you said "I love you" while I smiled in triumph.

I tap tap you

When I double tap on your
face I imagine my thumb pr
essing on your nose.

I think more people would fol
low you if you let me push yo
ur nose through your face.

People like ugly things. Like
Tuna. That Dog is followed
by 1.8M people

I would love you and you woul
d breathe through your mouth.

I want to push my thumb thro
ugh the back of your skull.

You're my marshmallow

You are soft and pink and sweet.

You are powdered and you smell like cotton candy.

I use twigs from the forest floor to hold you over a fire.